Our Story

Los Sundays was founded on the principles of Quality, Originality and Style

We absolutely love tequila and we demand quality, so quality is what we ensure. Los Sundays is sustainably farmed and naturally gluten free, made from a unique blend of highland and lowland 100% Blue Weber Agave that is traditionally cooked and distilled in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico at one of the countries most awarded distilleries.

Award Winning Spirits
With over 10x Internationally recognized awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Consumer SIP Awards, our tequila is winning hearts and consumer taste tests around the world earning multiple Platinum, Gold and Double Gold industry achievements.
100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila
Each of our expressions are traditionally crafted from sustainably farmed, 100% Blue Weber Agave and naturally gluten-free!

Blanco is our un-aged tequila. Twice distilled from a blend of highland agave offering smooth floral notes and lowland agave which lend to earthier undertones. This blending technique provides a balanced blanco with multiple layers of agave for a bright, smooth finish.

Reposado is rested in once-used American Oak Whiskey barrels sourced from Tennessee. The tequila mellows in the barrel for no longer than ten months, which creates our refined, agave forward finish with notes of smooth vanilla and oak.

With innovation awards, back-to-back platinum & consumer choice awards under its belt, our Los Sundays Coconut Blanco infuses an all-natural coconut extract during the last few hours of the production process to achieve its signature, refreshingly smooth, subtle coconut finish.

Real Tequila Seltzer
Our sparkling tequila seltzers feature four crisp, refreshing flavors using real tequila, sparkling water and real juice, creating our signature delicious flavors.

The lineup includes Grapefruit, Topical, Pineapple and mango - each containing just 2g of natural sugar from the real fruit juice - no added sugar here.